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Alarm function in App

You can use speaker or phone separately or both together as alarm devices. It’s a matter of budget and what you like.

It is common for bedwetting to be linked to deep sleep. Research has shown that children are more easily awakened by their parents’ voices. With the DryGuardians App, you have the option to record your own alarm on your phone and use it as an alarm. The Application can be used with all the Pjama products.

The DryGuardians App-alarm can be set to vibrate and provide discreet feedback when sleeping away from home.


One of the most commonly used treatment methods to cure bedwetting is to use a bedwetting alarm. The majority of patients treated in this way achieve a successful result. The bedwetting alarms from Pjama are of a high quality and has taken several years to develop.

Pjama proudly offers two types of bedwetting alarms:

Be sure to test the alarm before using it for the first time. Let the child be involved in the process of choosing an alarm signal. Then test the alarm to teach the child what to do and expect when the alarm goes off.

By completing this treatment every night, the child learns to subconsciously create a connection between bedwetting, the alarm, the unpleasant feeling that it gets wet in the pants and that you need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Don’t forget to download the DryGuardians app from Google Play or App Store so you can record your child’s progress.



This product consists of two components: A sensor and an alarm unit (bedwetting alarm). This bedwetting alarm should be used together with Pjama Treatment Pants / Shorts.

Simply snap on the Sensor at the front waist line of the Treatment Pants and start the Bedwetting Alarm. Place the Bedwetting Alarm within 10 m to the child. Should an accident occur, the sensitive sewn-in sensor threads in the pants will react quickly and activate the Bedwetting Alarm. The child can easily stop the alarm by pressing the “ON / OFF- button” once on the top of the alarm. The child will then go to the bathroom to end the urination and change into a new pair of Pjama Treatment Pants.

Note that you as a parent must be prepared to assist the child in waking up, it is not uncommon for the child to sleep deeply and not wake up from the alarm in the beginning of the treatment..

To increase the chances of achieving a successful treatment, it is also important that both the child and the parent receive guidance and motivation. We encourage you to download the DryGuardians app to get access to a calendar to log the progress, general tips and advice, the ability to use the app as an extra alarm device and the ability to set day alarms for children who suffer from leakage even during the day.

Pjama Bedwetting Alarm
  • Wireless
  • 10 m range
  • Volume control
  • Easy ON/OFF-function
  • 7 different alarm signals
  • Fast responce time
  • Low battery consumption
  • Charging for Alarm unit: USB-cable
  • Alarm dimensions: 120 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Sensor dimensions: 60 x 35 x 10 mm
  • Compatible with DryGuardians app

When you use pjama treatment pants or shorts

Start by making sure you got the right size. Pjamas should fit tight around the waist (without being too tight). Be sure to look at our size guide before ordering your Pjama.


  • When preparing for treatment, make sure your child is involved in the process and that they are aware of the procedure when an accident occurs.
  • Select an alarm signal and volume on your alarm unit.
  • Download the DryGuardians app and connect it to the parent’s smart phone. The parent will receive a notice when an accident has occurred.
  • Attach the sensor to your pants / shorts.
  • Keep the Alarm unit within 10 meters of the sensor.
  • When the alarm goes off, wake your child and take them to the bathroom. It is important that the child wakes up.
  • Remove the sensor, turn the pants / shorts inside out and then wash them.
  • Don’t forget to record the outcome of the night in the DryGuardians app so you can keep track of your child’s progress.



This modern product consists of ONE component, a sensor. The sensor together with your smartphone acts as the complete bedwetting alarm. By connecting the sensor to the DryGuardians app on your smartphone, you get a sound device that alarms in the event of an urinary accident. The app can be downloaded for free via Google Play or App Store.

Place the sensor in, for example, underwear or a diaper/nappie. When the sensor pad on the Sensor comes in contact with urine, it responds quickly and activates an alarm on your smartphone. You turn off the alarm and can then go to the bathroom to end the urination. Rinse the sensor lightly, wipe it off and then go to bed again. Note that you, as a parent, must be prepared to assist the child in waking up, it is not uncommon for the child to sleep deeply and not wake up from the alarm in the beginning of the treatment.

The DryGuardians App includes several functionalities; you get access to the alarm function and can set the alarm signal, in the calendar you can log the progress and success, you find general tips to assist with the bedwetting treatment and it is possible to set day alarms for the children who suffer from leakage even during the day.

Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm
  • Wireless
  • Fast response time
  • Range: 5-20 m
  • Waterproof
  • Connects to DryGuardians App
  • 7 different alarm signals (in app)
  • Record your own alarm signal
  • Dimensions Sensor: 60 x 35 x 10 mm
  • Compatible with Pjama speaker

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